Attention Female Entrepreneurs that are ready
for MORE SALES in your business...

We know you, we see you, we get you. You started this entrepreneurial journey because you had a passion and purpose to live out. You love the work you do and the people you help, but you don't necessarily love selling yourself. 

You love the creative freedom to express yourself, you love making your own money and you love connecting with cool people, but asking for the sale sometimes has you running in the other direction. You want nothing more than this business to really work, but you find yourself frustrated at the speed of your success. 

Let's face it, you're an ambitious woman on a mission. You have big goals and you know your success will benefit everyone around you...once you hit that level in business. It's time to make that happen, but you know there is still something that's holding you back. 

 We also know you have a huge heart and really care about people and what they think. Unfortunately, worrying about what they think has paralyzed you from being your big, bold self and sharing your brand, product, or expertise with the people that truly need it the most.

We know you want to have more sales, success, and money without feeling bad about it.  You're committed to this journey, but secretly wish you had more confidence and faster results. 

What if we could help you feel good about putting yourself out there and asking for what you want?

What if you could confidently stay grounded and ask for the sale, no matter what the price? 

What if you always knew what to say and do, to stay authentic and genuine while continuously attracting your dream clients? 

Do we have your attention yet?  

Is this you? 

Are you a coach, consultant, mentor, service-based-entrepreneur, network marketer, small business owner, solo-entreprenor, health professional or creative entrepreneur? 
Are you ready to take your business to the next level
and make more sales? 
The solution is simple...join us now! 
Imagine, feeling confident and empowered before you even speak to someone about your business.
Imagine, feeling like a professional, confident selling machine. 
Imagine, your business literally booming in the next few months. 
Imagine, you didn’t worry about what others thought of you.
Imagine, you asked… and people said, “yes please, I’ll take 2”.
Imagine the possibilities.
As an entrepreneur, our job is to inspire others to take action to get the results they desire. Sales is the process that makes this possible.  
No matter what you need in your business; more people to walk through the door, more online signups, more memberships, more all means one thing: MORE SALES

And to get more sales, you GOTTA GET GOOD AT SELLING!

No more guilt or shame when it comes to selling.
No more cringing when you say your numbers out loud.
No more hiding (behind the couch) when a hot lead calls you back! ← We’ve legit seen this, first hand! 
No more wondering if you’re saying the right thing, or butchering the entire process.
No more "winging it", without a plan. 
No more settling for anything less than you truly desire.  
Now is your time to get super clear &
confident i
n your ability to SELL.
Sell Your Product, Service, Program, Opportunity and Yourself! 
  • More confidence to show up in ways that actually feel good and makes more sales. 
  •  Feel excited about your business and the sales (money) you're making.
  •  Feel of service instead of tacky-car-salesman-slimey.
  •  Less stress and new no-brainer ways to ask for the sale.
  •  A framework to follow on your sales conversation, that ends with your client saying YES.
  •  Learn to respond to objections like: "I don't have the money", or "I have to ask the hubby".
  •  An empowered marketing plan to consistently attract clients that are ready to buy. 
  •  Tools to shift your energy and beliefs quickly, so you can stop doubting yourself.
You might be wondering....who the heck we are?

Here's the skinny on us (Mair + Kerry):
Mair Millar
Confidence Coach for Entrepreneurs and Athletes
 Mair is a confidence coach and creative marketing and communications expert. Her fun and motivational energy inspires her clients to get tough and take action. 

Mair truly enjoys helping ambitious women (and men) give birth to super cool biz ideas. She always says "it's gotta make sense if you wanna make dollars" and helps her clients get the clarity they crave in their business. 

Mair's honesty is refreshing as she gives it to you straight and always knows how to communicate to get results. You'll feel like a champ in your life and biz with Mair in your corner.
Kerry Sheppard
Business + Sales Strategist for Entrepreneurs
Kerry is a business and sales strategist for online entrepreneurs. She is a fiery Texan who has over 20 years experience in sales. 

She previously owned a 7-figure retail business and now runs a successful online sales and coaching business. 

Such expertise, coupled with her big-hearted passion for seeing people fulfill their life purpose, makes for a powerhouse strategist who knows how to lay the groundwork for a profitable business and build the foundational pillars to sustain its success.
Our entire mission, is to support as many entrepreneurs as possible, globally, so they can stand tall, and step into sales, instead of playing small, hiding or quitting in their business journey.
We've come together, to deliver this powerful, game-changing program, that really can escalate your business in as little as six weeks. 

We created this program, together, to show you what’s really possible. It’s possible to collaborate and create together, instead of compete and stay isolated. It’s possible to GIVE BIG on one platform, and create win-wins for all of us.

It’s possible for us to share as much as we humanly can, in this rather kick-ass program.

So, let’s not waste any more time…let's talk about what this program is all about.
  •  This is an online course.
  •  As soon as you sign up you will get access to your own private membership area where you will be able to immediately dive into the Orientation Pre-Party Prep and Element 1. 
  •  Each week you will have access to a new Element. 
  •  Within each Element you will have access to a 60 minute training and workbook. 
  •  You will have access to the private Facebook group to ask questions and get feedback. 
  •  You have lifetime access to all your materials. 
This is a super interactive, leave the excuses
behind, ditch procrastination, take the coaching
and get in action ~ program!
This program is for you if:
  •  You tend to get a little queasy, when you think of “sales”. 
  •  You have a business; a stellar service, opportunity or product that you believe in.
  •  You aren’t having as many “sales conversations” as you’d like or possibly avoiding them altogether. 
  •  You know in your heart that you really want to go big with your biz, but absolutely must get through this “issue” with sales & marketing.
  •  You want (need) to make money in your business, so you can start to believe in yourself again and finally show those family members that you are a legit business owner. 
  •  You know you need to be surrounded by good energy and receive solid guidance.
  •  You are more of a giver and helper…. and tend to have a hard time receiving for yourself. 
  •  You would like more people through your doors, on your site, reading your words, signing up for your courses, classes, programs, workshops, memberships, etc.
  •  You sell services and have your own personal brand or desire this. 
  •  You have an amazing "product partner" or opportunity/network marketing. 
  •  You love to help others but you are also ready to really get paid for it, without feeling bad about asking for or receiving money.
  •  You really want to stand out and be different in your industry, without worrying about what others think.
  •  This is for you if you’re open to new ways of reaching clients and if you’re ready to put yourself in the game of business.  
If you have a business, you must make sales 
(or #newsflash, it’s a hobby, not a biz).
This program is probably NOT for you if:
  •  You're already making a solid $10k-$20k every month. (clearly you have learned how to sell yourself & your stuff).
  •  You aren’t open to be coached. 
  •  You’re not committed to making it happen in your business. 
  •  You won’t take action in a group program (in which case, we suggest you inquire about private coaching with one of us).
This game-changing program will not only support you to get good at selling, but it will also increase your overall confidence in both your business and personal life. 

When you learn how to really connect and communicate with others, you will feel unstoppable! 

This is not just another course, where we talk, you listen.

This program is all about helping you to get empowered in your business, and take action! 
ELEMENT 1: Winning Mindset 
         * Uncover and shift any personal beliefs, fears, and blocks that could be holding you back. 
         * Discover the power of using the #BHR Test to create quick shifts and results. 
         * Learn how  to use "The Mindset Trio" to unlock your sales success. 

ELEMENT 2: Confident Communication
         * Learn exactly what to say to your ideal clients in order to bring in more sales.   
         * Develop confidence in using storytelling to communicate your message to attract your tribe.
         * The top 3 ways to use your voice both verbally and non-verbally to get results in your biz. 

ELEMENT 3: Magnetic Marketing  
         * Discover how to always attract your dream client without feeling salesy.            
         * How to be bold and visible in your business. We'll give you 29 ways.  
         * The 4 C's of becoming a "content creation machine". 

ELEMENT 4: Authentic Sales Conversation 
         * The 6-step process to lead a powerful sales conversation in order to hear "yes" more often.   
         * Discover exactly what to say to confidently handle objections with ease.  
         * Learn the missing link of what to do before and after a sales conversation. 

ELEMENT 5: Simple Automation 
         * Build a sales funnel to make money while you sleep.
         * Discover the freedom of setting up a "one click buying and delivery" system.  
         * Learn a variety of ways to continuously build your tribe of raving fans. 

ELEMENT 6: Smart Systems 
         * Create and implement a powerful personal routine for success.  
         * Discovery our favorite techy tools to grow your business online. 
         * Get organized and implement new systems and structures to support massive sales growth.  

 Our philosophy:
Supporting entrepreneurs to show up and thrive in business, so they can give back in bigger ways to their families, communities and world. We are all about creating win-wins, meaning the more you make the more you can give. We are committed to making a difference in the world and we can't do it alone. Confidence in yourself and in sales will fuel this mission.  
    The Break Down:
    •  6 Video Training Modules ($1997 Value)
    •  6 Interactive Workbooks ($997 Value)
    •  Facebook Community ($997 Value)
    •  Lifetime Access (PRICELESS Value)
    •  BONUS: Sales Personality Test and Training ($497 Value)
    •  BONUS: Behind The Scenes Of The Big 6 Sales Method "One Click Buying And Delivery System" ($397 Value)
    •  BONUS: 3 Live Group Coaching Calls ($1497 Value)
    • Total Value: $6382
    100% Money Back Guarantee 
    If you don’t get any results from taking The Big 6 Sales Method then we'll refund your money. In order to get a refund you must have completed all of the work and turn in all fully-completed workbooks and prove that you got nothing out of this program. 

    Here’s the thing we can honestly offer this guarantee because we know it works, if you do the work. 
    People who really show up in this program can 
    literally 10X their investment!
    Hey there! 

    If you've read this far obviously something about this program is speaking to you.
    So, what's holding you back from pressing the join now button? 

    Now is the time to recognize the fears (the inner voice that is telling you can't do it) and decide if you want to keep believing that.  We challenge you to shift your perspective and say what if? What if you do show up? What if this is the game-changer in your business? 

    It's time to focus on what's possible and take daily action to get there. This program can truly help you do that. We are genuinely committed to your breakthroughs and success.

    What we do know for sure is nothing will change, if nothing changes. So, if you know yourself well enough, and know that you'll probably be in the same position in another 6 months from now if you're not supported or feeling confident in your ability to sell, then we invite you to decide that today is a new day. 

    Take a bold step today, honor what's important to you, trust your gut, and make it happen. 

    Join us on the other side and let us help you.   

    Big Love, 

    Mair & Kerry
    A portion of all proceeds will be donated to our charity of choice, Make A Wish Foundation. 

    Both Mair and Kerry personally know someone close to them, that received a beautiful gift from this amazing organization.  

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